Two people were found dead in a medical office in Austin, Texas, late Tuesday following a hostage standoff that ended after more than five hours, according to the police and local news reports.

It was not immediately clear how many people had been held hostage or who had taken them hostage. Local news reports said that a doctor appeared to have been one of the hostages.

The police said the standoff began late Tuesday afternoon, when they were notified that a man with a gun was inside the medical office in central Austin, the TV news station KSAT reported. SWAT team members were seen on a nearby street negotiating with the gunman through a megaphone, according to reporters on the scene.

Moments after the police said they were sending in a robot, Jody Barr, a journalist with the TV channel KXAN, wrote on Twitter that he had heard “loud explosions” and what sounded like gunshots at the building.

“Silence since,” he added.

The Austin police later said on Twitter that the “SWAT situation” had ended. It said two people had been pronounced dead at the site.

The police said that its homicide unit would provide more information on Wednesday morning.

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