“Look, it’s — it’s tough out there. But I am so happy for Kamala. I was so happy when she was sworn in,” the Democrat told CNN’s Abby Phillip on “Inside Politics.” “And I know that millions of little girls across this country see themselves in her. With Kamala’s swearing in, women are one step closer.”

Inside Kamala Harris' historic first days
Warren, one of the progressive voices in the Senate, has spoken out numerous times about the challenges she faced during her own 2020 campaign for president because of her gender. When asked if this election will bring about positive change for women, Warren appeared optimistic.
“Yes, I hope so. And it’s Kamala, but also look at the number of women who will be heading up agencies,” she said, mentioning Deb Haaland who has been nominated as interior secretary and could be the first Native American Cabinet secretary.
She also pointed to Janet Yellen, who if confirmed by the Senate, will be the first woman treasury secretary.

“They’re wonderful women, strong women around President (Joe) Biden and that is a part of tapping into our strength as a nation. We need to hear from many voices. And that means we need to hear from men and from women.”

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