After Shirley Flores, a postmaster and mother of three, died in Las Cruces, N.M., her family noted in her obituary: “She died a very painful lonely death because we weren’t allowed in to hold her hand and sit with her. Please take Covid-19 seriously, protect yourself and those you love.”

The obituary of Shirley Rowe, a 67-year-old Michigan resident, said that she had fought for her life after contracting the virus, but her body was overpowered by Covid-19. Ms. Rowe was a loving grandmother and the life of every party, her family said, and believed she caught the coronavirus from a guest at her home.

“It is our family’s firm belief that she would still be here if restrictions hadn’t been lifted so soon for society, and the person that gave her the virus would have taken precautions more seriously,” they wrote. “This is not how my mom’s story should have ended.”

Judy Fuller, 76, of Blue Grass, Iowa, died from the coronavirus in September, after she and her husband, Ron, fell ill at the same time. Ms. Fuller was known for her bright smile, her love of fashion and the outdoors, and her devotion to her job handling staffing at the hospital, where she worked for nearly four decades.

“In lieu of flowers or donations, we just ask to take the Covid-19 virus seriously and please spend time with your loved ones,” her family wrote. “Life is short, enjoy time with your family while you can.”

Mr. Fuller, who is currently nursing his son back to health after he contracted the coronavirus, said that he had wanted to send a quiet but urgent message in the obituary.

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